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Did You Know? California Plastic Bag Bans Apply to Convenience Stores

If you operate gas stations or convenience stores … be careful offering your customer “paper or plastic” at checkout!

During the past few years, an increasing number of California Cities and Counties have adopted ordinances that effectively ban the use of plastic bags for your customers!

The Law Office of Kriston Qualls ( has brought these laws to the attention of the GasMan USA and below is a list of these local ordinances.

Although each law is different, these local laws generally prohibit the use of plastic bags, require the store to charge for the use of paper bags (e.g. $0.10-.25/bag) and encourage or require the store to offer free or for sale certain “reusable bags”.


CALIFORNIA: Bans (Adoption Dates


  • Los Angeles County (11/16/10)
  • Santa Clara County (4/26/11)
  • Marin County (1/25/11)
  • Santa Cruz County (9/13/11)
  • City and County of San Francisco (adopted 4/20/07)
  • San Luis Obispo County (1/10/12)


  • City of Calabasas (2/9/11)
  • City of Long Beach (5/17/11)
  • City of Malibu (5/27/08)
  • City of Monterey (adopted 12/6/11)
  • City of Palo Alto (3/30/09 pending EIR)
  • City of Santa Monica (1/25/11)
  • City of San Jose (adopted 12/14/10)
  • City of Pasadena (adopted 11/7/11)
  • City of Sunnyvale (adopted 12/13/11)
  • City of Oakland (adopted 7/17/07, but lawsuit invalidated it)
  • Town of Fairfax (11/4/08)

Thank you to:

Law Office of Kriston D. Qualls



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