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Fuel Supply

The most important feature of any gas station is the fuel that is dispensed.  Gas Stations fall into two categories:

1. Branded such as a Shell or Mobil

2.Unbranded who are categorized as Independents

The fluctuations in the price of a barrel of oil and the demand from the consumer in the street determine the availability of petroleum from the Rack.  This availability controls both the Branded and Unbranded market and has a huge influence on a dealers ability to make a profit/margin.

The decision to brand a station a particular way depends very much on its location, competition , demographics and of course the business model. Traditionally Brands such Arco and Valero have been very price conscious. Their business model is low margin high volume with an emphasis on bringing customers into the higher margin C-Store.  On the other end of the scale we have 76 and Chevron who’s business model centers around the quality of their gasoline demanding a higher margin which in turn brings down volume.

The Petroleum Realty Group has the experience to advise you on the right brand for you and can provide you with a new supply agreement.

We have  built relationships with Jobbers in both Northern and Southern California and are able to offer you either branded 76, Shell, or Valero Fuel agreements, or unbranded agreements depending on your fuel supply strategy.

Call a Gas Man and ask for a quote.