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Expert Witness

Expert Witness
Petroleum Realty Group is your Expert Witness

The right expert witness can make your case, as a result finding a professional who is current in their field with knowledge gained over years of experience is paramont to the success of any action.

The most impactful expert witness can engage the judge and jurors and earn thier trust by delivering testimony with clarity, confidence and credibility.

1, Services

Petroleum Realty Group Inc.  works  with business valuation firms  providing testimony in civil litigation cases.

Our knowledge and expertise of the Gas Station Industry is invaluable in determining the value or loss to a business at a specific time due to a taking or event outside the clients  control.

Petroleum Realty Group testimony is unbiased and well researched. Therefore it is taken from a market perspective so there is no doubt we are able to support our conclusions with facts.

We provide Expert Witness services to the Petroleum Industry for Eminent Domain and Litigation support.

Expert Witness
Your next expert witness

2, Experience

Petroleum Realty Group has over 25 years of industry specific experience  and is comfortable writing reports for trial attending depositions or being questioned by attorneys or The Judge

We have provided expert witness evidence in cases for multiple Cities and Public entities in the state of California.

3,Fee Structure

The preparation of Expert Witness testimony is extensive. It must be supported by written research and documentary evidence.

Our fees for representation are $500 per hour + expenses

Fees are submitted monthly until the project is completed. We are happy to agree a minimum fee so that costs can be budgeted. We will not ask for nor demand a retainer but did insist on 30 day terms

In addition, upon request we will provide written references for our services. Details of cases that we have been involved in can not be dicslosed.