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Gas Prices Rise as World Literally Watches

LOS ANGELES — With news broadcasts in every corner of the country reporting on skyrocketing gas prices, one national news program caught it all on tape.

During yesterday’s broadcast of ABC’s “World News” hosted by Diane Sawyer, a live spot from California proved a picture is worth a thousand words — if not more. News reporter Cecilia Vega began her story on sticker shock at the pump in front of a downtown Los Angeles gas station, where the sign clearly showed its fuel prices stood at $4.99 a gallon for regular, $5.09 a gallon for plus and $5.19 a gallon for super premium.

“These prices are off the charts here, $4.99 for a gallon of regular,” Vega reported. “If you think that’s bad, there are drivers in Alaska who are now reportedly paying more than $6 a gallon. These prices are definitely starting to take a toll on drivers and they are venting their anger.”

After her live lead-in, the news report cut to an earlier taped piece that included reactions to the price of gas from motorists and gas station attendants in cities including Atlanta, Chicago and Flint, Mich. However, when the camera returned to the live spot two minutes later, the sign behind Vega read $5.09, $5.19 and $5.29, respectively.

The change in price caught even Vega off guard. “It is almost too unbelievable to believe,” she said.

And in response, Sawyer warned motorists not to “blink at the gasoline station.”

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SOURCE: Convenience Store News

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