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How will the Governors ban on gas car sales by 2035 effect my business

I am telling all my clients not to panic. It’s business as usual . Let us set aside that this is a politically motivated illegal executive order for a moment and consider that clearly California can not meet current power needs and will not be able to provide power en masse to millions of electric cars unless the grid is subsatmtailly upgraded. Just so we understand the full extent of the issue, Califrnia consumers buyer apprximatly 1.8m new cars a year.
I also do not see this surviving the many laws suits that will be coming from the various industry sectors and of course the private Citizens who have lost the right to choose.
I recently spoke to a representative of a major lending institution who told me that loans will still be underwritten on Gas Stations however the may be a need to show within a business plan an area on the site that will be dedicated in the future to alternative fuel.
I have no doubt that Electric or even Hydrogen cars are coming in ever-increasing numbers in the future but if you take out government subsidies and factor in the inability to generate power for electricity or infrastructure for hydrogen there is going to be plenty of gasoline-powered automobiles on our streets for a long time to come.