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Petaluma, becomes the first US City to ban new Gas pumps.

In an unprecedented move the City of Petaluma has banned the construction of new gas stations and the addition of gas pumps on existing stations.

The City has a plan to achieve zero emissions by 2030 and are counting on electric cars to drive existing gas stations out of business. With 8 Stations currently south of the 101 serving a resident population of 60,000 plus the city are playing a very dangerous game with local residents freedoms.

The Gas Stations new enemy is not just Gavin Newsom (who dictated the end of new gas powered car sales in 2035 ) and Petaluma Council but organizations such as CONGAS or Stand Earth who are lobbying too see the whole of Sonoma county ban the addition of new gas stations.

Matt Krogh of Stand Earth goes further in a quoted e-mail advocating the abandonment of new gas stations due to the advent of Electric Cars. He is championing the destruction of the industry using outdated statistics about contamination and small spills whilst completing ignoring the devastation to the environment caused by the mining of his beloved car battery. The hypocrisy is of course the forgotten by those that will say anything to achieve the political agenda.

Nothing really smells as much as an organization forcing their own views on the world instead of letting market forces decide .

Petaluma City council have turned their backs on the Gas Station businesses in the City and I can only hope that the owners of those stations write to the City and ban every member of the council and their families and all council owned vehicles from their stations. Once said notice is served station owners can legally trespass them. No doubt at least one of the City council members filled up today at a business they want to destroy.

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