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California Gas Prices on the rise

In the last 30 days the policy effects of the peoples new administration has been very evident when you fill up your car at the Gas Station. Suddenly the pump is stopping at $90 (the preset limit) and you have not filled your tank. We are racing towards $4.00 a gallon and that SUV is looking less and less attractive. “PRG Tip” Try using reward cards such as those uses by...
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California Gas Prices hit an all time high

LOS ANGELES — Gasoline prices in California rose to another all-time high on Sunday after passing a four-year high a day earlier, according to AAA. The four-cent-per-gallon jump Sunday was even bigger than Saturday’s jump, which was just a fraction of a penny, reported the Associated Press. Valero Energy Corp. said Thursday it temporarily stopped selling gasoline in...
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