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Reasons Why Gasoline Prices are so High

By. Richard Heinberg Source: Post Carbon Here in northern California gasoline is now retailing for $4.20 a gallon. Prices haven’t been this high since mid-2008. Forecasts for $5 per gallon gas in the US this summer are now commonplace. What’s driving prices up? Most analysts focus mostly on two factors: worries about Iran and increased demand from a perceived global economic recovery....
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API Decries Obama’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Approach to Energy

President uses weekly address to hammer home energy message CSP Daily News | February 25, 2012 WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama used his weekly address to reiterate the energy message he delivered at the University of Miami last Thursday (click here for a full transcript of his remarks)–” there are no quick fixes to this problem, and … we can’t just drill our...
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