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Gas Retailers Feel Pain at the Pump From Credit Card Fees

WASHINGTON, D.C. — While it is easy to believe that gas retailers are making a profit every time the price at the pump ticks up a few cents, the reality is operators lose money, according to the Merchants Payments Coalition (MPC). The Oil Price Information Service recently reported gas stations took in 13 cents a gallon in gross profit — before taxes, payroll and other overhead...
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Beating Back the ‘Big Box’

Marketers push back Kroger’s attempt to amend California below-cost law SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Marketers and their allies have defeated an attempt by grocery giant Kroger to amend California’s longstanding below-cost sales law–at least for now. Kroger was the main supporter of a bill introduced by Assemblyman Robert Wieckowski (D) that would have changed the law to make it...
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Judge Can’t Help Dealers About to Lose Stations

“Powerless,” warns of “domino effect” of injunction in BP-dealer embroglio SAN DIEGO — A federal judge said she is “powerless” to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent BP from terminating the franchises of more than 100 ARCO and Thrifty dealers whose Southern California stations are to be turned over to independent refiner Tesoro. Judge Janis...
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