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Superfund Tax

The Superfund tax has been reintroduced by the Federal Government

America , still shocked over the rising prices of Gasoline across the nation now faces another tax at the pump

Earlier this year the Government reintroduced the long expired Superfund excise tax on oil and petroleum products.

The tax was signed into law by Joe Biden as part often inflation reduction act of 2022 in August.

The original superfund tax expired in 1995.

The tax will raise $11.7 billion on revenue on the next 10 years.

The tax is set to expire in 2032.

President Biden who preached about lowering gas prices is adding more taxation hidden in the inflation reduction act.

The tax is 16.4 cents a barrel on crude and petroleum product imports and is paid for at the refinery.

Opisnet is reporting that petroleum companies are telling customers that this will be a line item on the 2023 invoices. This cost will be passed down to the consumer.

It is unlikely however , that the consumer will feel the pain too much of this tax. With 42 Gallons in a barrel the tax comes out to about $0.005 per gallon.

Timothy Haves President and Broker Officer Petroleum Realty Group Inc.

Some might be wondering what this tax is used for?

It does have a purpose. The fund gives the federal government money to deal with environmental threats that are not covered by responsible parties.

Petroleum Realty Group, California’s #1 Gas Station Broker and can be reached at 949-636-3961

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Investment Sale

Petroleum Realty Group , CA #1 Gas Station and Car Wash Broker are marketing a NN investment sale in Bakersfield CA.

1501 N Chester Ave. Bakersfield has been in the same ownership for some 80 years.

A Family trust currently own the land and are seeking buyers for this three parcel Investment which is fully leased until 2030.

Samco Foods are the current tenant . They have 10 sites in and around the region and operate both Shell and Chevron Gas Station locations

Samco operate the site as a Shell gas station with 4 dispensers and a well sized convenience store

Another special listing for Petroleum Realty Group.

I believe the price at $1.25m to be perfect for interested parties.

I expect interest in this investment sale from investors that have a 1031 exchange requirement or have excess funds that need placing before the year end.

Timothy Haves , President and Broker Officer Cel 949-636-3961

If you would like more information on this NN investment sale please contact Petroleum Realty Group via e mail at and we will send you the offering memorandum.

This type pf property does not come available very often so a lot of interest is expected

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Oceanside Gas Station
Oceanside Gas Station

Petroleum Realty Group have announced the availability of an Oceanside Gas Station and Car Wash

This Arco AMPM car wash is for sale and listed at $6.8m

It is located fronting Plaza drive right off the 78 freeway in San Diego County.

Plaza drive is a very popular destination retail center and attracts a lot of traffic. Customers in this area are not only looking for an Oceanside Gas Station but also food. There is nearby Jack in the Box, McDonalds or Starbucks. Moreover a large variety of other items are at the shopping mall across the street making this location very popular.

The facility also has a fully automated car wash with a 48 foot tunnel.

The equipment is approximately 6 years old and was made by Sonny’s. Click here for more information

Here is another quality listing from Petroleum Realty Group.

I am please to see that our clients are trusting us again and again to market the very best product in California.

With such a shortage of quality Gas Stations and Car washes available in the market that I do not expect this Oceanside Gas Station to be available for long

Timothy Haves President and Broker Officer Petroleum Realty Group Inc. Tel 949-636-3961

For more information on this location contact us via e-mail

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Automotive Repair Business
Automotive Repair Business

Petroleum Realty Group Inc. announces the availability of a well established Automotive repair and service business in Fullerton Ca.

Miller Automotive on Gilbert Street has been serving the Fullerton residents for over 25 years.

The owner will be retiring.

The business is available for $250,000

The site is over 19,000 square feet and gives plenty of room for customer parking and over night storage. The building is 3,125 square feet and has 5 bays and all the lifts, hoist and equipment needed for a profitable Automotive repair business

Take a look at the company web site for more details of the operation

E-mail me for a full financial package to

Perhaps one of the best Automotive repair shops to come across my desk in a long time.

This facility provides all the amenities you would need for a successful business enterprise.

In additional the owner will carry for a qualified buyer

Timothy Haves President and Broker officer , Petroleum Realty Group Inc.

Petroleum Realty Group are California’s number one gas station, car wash and Automotive repair business brokerage house.

Please join our mailing list by texting your e-mail address to 949-636-3961. We will add you to our data base and mailing list.

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Pacific Fuel and Convenience Summit
Pacific Fuel and Convenience Summit

The Pacific Fuel and Convenience Summit this year was at the Manchester Hyatt Convention center in Downtown San Diego.

Petroleum Realty Group attended and were pleased to see so many friends on the show floor.

The show really is a who’s who of the Gas Station world in Southern California.

Vendors throughout the industry were displaying their goods and services. Of course a show would not be complete without a fuel truck and Person Fuels with their E85 product did not disappoint.

Pacific Fuel and Convenience Summit

New products were in abundance , many vendors were pushing EV chargers and self serve POS systems.

We were happy to see some of the larger Oil companies at the show. Those notable were Marathon, Gulf Oil and Chevron attending the Pacific Fuels and convenience summit.

I really enjoyed this years Summit at the Manchester Hyatt San Diego. I spent a few hours walking the show floor shaking hands with many of the areas familiar faces and characters.

We are very lucky to have such an incredible community in the Petroleum Industry

Timothy Haves, President and Broker Officer Petroleum Realty Group Inc.

We would recommend anyone currently operating a gas station to attend next years show. It really does cover all aspects of the industry.

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Gas Station Sale

Petroleum Realty Group the #1 Broker in California are pleased to announce another Gas Station Sale.

The Sinclair station on Orange avenue Coronado Island has sold for more than the asking price.

The buyer will continue the tradition of providing excellent service to the locals and visitors to the Island.

With only two Gas stations on the Island there was a lot of interest in the site from operators and developers.

The station occupies only 7,174 sf but perfectly allows for two dispensers a C-Store and smog shop

Petroleum Realty Group represented both parties in this Gas Station Sale. They are very active in the San Diego market place recently selling the Chevon station in Vista and currently listing a 7 eleven Gas Station in Carlsbad

Petroleum Realty Group are actively seeking more Gas Station to sell on the California market place. Demand remains high especially for unbranded locations.

Another wonderful Sale for Petroleum Realty Group. We are certainly setting a high bar for achieving the very best sales price in the region. Our sales are setting the ones that everyone looks too when seeing how the market is doing.

Timothy Haves , President Petroleum Realty Group Inc. 949-636-3961

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Petroleum Realty Group the #1 Gas Station Broker in CA are please to offer this 7-Eleven Gas Station for sale in Carlsbad . The Carlsbad 7-Eleven is fronting Carlsbad Village drive at its junction with the 5 Freeway

This is one of the worlds largest franchises and a highly successful business model

This station has a good size C-store with 4 pumps facing the street.

This is a very rare opportunity as Gas Station in the this area are in high demand. Additionally there is an opportunity to rebrand the gasoline whilst the contract for the store has another 4 years left

Petroleum Realty Group continues to offer quality stations call Timothy Haves 949-636-3961

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Inside 7 Eleven

Take a look at this undercover boss episode featuring CEO Joe DePinto as he goes undercover inside 7 eleven. Joe who uses Danny as his undercover name and becomes a store clerk, a baker and a delivery man.

Inside 7-Eleven
7-Eleven CEO formerly known as Danny

Petroleum Reatly Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California is fascinated to see inside 7-Eleven and understand how a local C-store can sell 2500 cups a coffee a day. The answer is customer service. Imagine the profit margin on those sales.

Danny then goes on the donut making line and spends the night working the night shift at one of their Maryland stores. Later in the show you can see the logistics of making repairs and his tasks as a deliver driver supplying his local neighborhood

This is a really good in-site into the inner workings of a major brand c-store with 6500 locations in the US. Click here to watch :

We recommend that all our clients take note of this video. Customer service , cleanliness and product placement are paramount to the success of a store.

The customer needs to have an enjoyable, stress free experience in order for them to return.

After all this is a convenience store that is always open.

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California Gas Tax

California already has the nations highest Gas tax at 51 cents per gallon.

That will soon change in July when Governor Newson increases the Gas Tax further to $53.9 cents, a 5.6% increase.

The price of gasoline in the US has increased over 76% since inauguration day January 2021 when the average price of regular gasoline was only $2.33 a gallon. Today the average price is $4.109, which is a staggering increase.

In California however it has become normal for consumers to see prices over $6 a gallon.

California Gas Tax
March 2022, Hollywood CA

The question one wonders is why ? The answer, as ever, is, the world of Politics.

To understand why Politicians are to blame we need to look at the price of barrel oil. The Presidents policy of restricting domestic supply increased the US dependance on imported oil. This restriction began well before the war in Ukraine which has certainly driven up prices. President Biden could have protected the Amercian consumer from rising prices by lifting restriction of domectic production.

The administrations war on fossil fuel is more important than the cost to Americans who were told to “pay the price”.

inflation is at a 40-year high at 8.5%. Americans are digging deep to keep thier heads about water, in additional they Califonia Gas Tax add an additional burden.

The price of a barrel of Oil has risen over 95% since President Biden came to office. January 2021 oil was $55.38 a barrel compared to todays price of $108 a barrel.

What does this mean at the pump ?

By July 2022 Californians will be paying 86c in taxes to the State and Federal government for every gallon. For diesel customers that number rises to $1.34. No wonder food prics have risen so sharply. In addition to the Calfornia Gas Tax which is per gallom based there are sales taxes which are price drive, as the price of gas increases the government gets more money.

The California legislator has shown no signs of delaying the increase in Gas Tax in July. There was a proposed bill to do just that but it did not receive the votes to move forward.

The Federal Government continues with its anti fossil fuel policy and we see no end in sight to the problems in Ukraine.

Common sense would suggest that if you lower the Gas Tax then more gallons would be sold, but with a $100 Billion surplus the California Gas Tax is not so much about raising revenue as it is about control.

The push of course is towards the EV and another major control which his the ban of new combustion engined cars in 2035.

The California Gas Tax whilst hurting the consumer has actually helped the Gas Station owner. Prices have risen so quickly that profit margins are better than ever as Gas Station owners increase margins as prices rise.

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Self Serve wash for sale

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California are please to announce the availability of a self serve car wash for sale in Pico Rivera, California

Self Serve wash for sale
Pico Rivera Self Serve Wash

This is a great opportunity to build an absentee business in the very popular self-serve car wash industry.

The wash has 4 bays and three double side vacuums to the rear.

Currently vacant and fenced for security the facility does need minor maintenance and repair to the hoses and POS.

This self serve wash is the only one for sale in Los Angeles.

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California are seeking offers of $1.6m for the land , imporvements and business opportunity .

We found this article about car washes very informative

For more information on this Self-Serve car wash for sale please contact Timothy Haves 949-636-3961

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station and Car Wash Broker have opportunities throughout the state.

Please take a lookout at for updates on the Gas Station and Car Wash market place. E-mail me to be added to our date base at

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Our Services

We Provide a menu of Gas Station related services for you.  Whether you are buying or selling a gas station and convenience stores in California Petroleum Realty Group can be your Broker.

Our Services

 Some of our services include:

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Meet the Team
Meet the team here at Petroleum Realty Group. The best Gas Station and Convenience store Brokers and Salespersons work here at Petroleum Realty Group.

Petroleum Realty Group invite you to meet the team . Broker officer and President Timothy Haves and Senior Associate Ryan Lipert.

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