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California Gas Station and C-Store Broker

Petroleum Realty Group the #1 Gas Station Broker in CA are please to offer this 7-Eleven Gas Station for sale in Carlsbad . The Carlsbad 7-Eleven is fronting Carlsbad Village drive at its junction with the 5 Freeway

This is one of the worlds largest franchises and a highly successful business model

This station has a good size C-store with 4 pumps facing the street.

This is a very rare opportunity as Gas Station in the this area are in high demand. Additionally there is an opportunity to rebrand the gasoline whilst the contract for the store has another 4 years left

Petroleum Realty Group continues to offer quality stations call Timothy Haves 949-636-3961

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Inside 7 Eleven

Take a look at this undercover boss episode featuring CEO Joe DePinto as he goes undercover inside 7 eleven. Joe who uses Danny as his undercover name and becomes a store clerk, a baker and a delivery man.

Inside 7-Eleven
7-Eleven CEO formerly known as Danny

Petroleum Reatly Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California is fascinated to see inside 7-Eleven and understand how a local C-store can sell 2500 cups a coffee a day. The answer is customer service. Imagine the profit margin on those sales.

Danny then goes on the donut making line and spends the night working the night shift at one of their Maryland stores. Later in the show you can see the logistics of making repairs and his tasks as a deliver driver supplying his local neighborhood

This is a really good in-site into the inner workings of a major brand c-store with 6500 locations in the US. Click here to watch :

We recommend that all our clients take note of this video. Customer service , cleanliness and product placement are paramount to the success of a store.

The customer needs to have an enjoyable, stress free experience in order for them to return.

After all this is a convenience store that is always open.

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California Gas Tax

California already has the nations highest Gas tax at 51 cents per gallon.

That will soon change in July when Governor Newson increases the Gas Tax further to $53.9 cents, a 5.6% increase.

The price of gasoline in the US has increased over 76% since inauguration day January 2021 when the average price of regular gasoline was only $2.33 a gallon. Today the average price is $4.109, which is a staggering increase.

In California however it has become normal for consumers to see prices over $6 a gallon.

California Gas Tax
March 2022, Hollywood CA

The question one wonders is why ? The answer, as ever, is, the world of Politics.

To understand why Politicians are to blame we need to look at the price of barrel oil. The Presidents policy of restricting domestic supply increased the US dependance on imported oil. This restriction began well before the war in Ukraine which has certainly driven up prices. President Biden could have protected the Amercian consumer from rising prices by lifting restriction of domectic production.

The administrations war on fossil fuel is more important than the cost to Americans who were told to “pay the price”.

inflation is at a 40-year high at 8.5%. Americans are digging deep to keep thier heads about water, in additional they Califonia Gas Tax add an additional burden.

The price of a barrel of Oil has risen over 95% since President Biden came to office. January 2021 oil was $55.38 a barrel compared to todays price of $108 a barrel.

What does this mean at the pump ?

By July 2022 Californians will be paying 86c in taxes to the State and Federal government for every gallon. For diesel customers that number rises to $1.34. No wonder food prics have risen so sharply. In addition to the Calfornia Gas Tax which is per gallom based there are sales taxes which are price drive, as the price of gas increases the government gets more money.

The California legislator has shown no signs of delaying the increase in Gas Tax in July. There was a proposed bill to do just that but it did not receive the votes to move forward.

The Federal Government continues with its anti fossil fuel policy and we see no end in sight to the problems in Ukraine.

Common sense would suggest that if you lower the Gas Tax then more gallons would be sold, but with a $100 Billion surplus the California Gas Tax is not so much about raising revenue as it is about control.

The push of course is towards the EV and another major control which his the ban of new combustion engined cars in 2035.

The California Gas Tax whilst hurting the consumer has actually helped the Gas Station owner. Prices have risen so quickly that profit margins are better than ever as Gas Station owners increase margins as prices rise.

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Self Serve wash for sale

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California are please to announce the availability of a self serve car wash for sale in Pico Rivera, California

Pico Rivera Self Serve Wash

This is a great opportunity to build an absentee business in the very popular self-serve car wash industry.

The wash has 4 bays and three double side vacuums to the rear. Currently vacant and fenced for security the facility does need minor maintenance and repair to the hoses and POS.

Self serve car washes have become extremely popular over the last few years. This self serve wash is the only one for sale in Los Angeles.

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California are seeking offers of $1.6m for the land , imporvements and business opportunity .

We found this article about car washes very informative

For more information on this Self-Serve car wash for sale please contact Timothy Haves 949-636-3961

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station and Car Wash Broker have similar opportunities throughout the state. Please take a lookout at for recent updates on the Gas Station and Car Wash market place or e-mail me to be added to our date base at

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Repair Shop
Stellar Tire and Auto

Stellar Tire and Auto repair have appointed Petroleum Realty Group, California’s #1 Gas Station Broker to sell their specialist repair shop business in Anaheim California.

The Business operates out of a large 3,192 sf building. The three bays each have lifts and air hoses making the repair shop suitable for any job. The lot is 14,041 sf which gives plenty of room for customer cars.

The business operates under a lease which has nearly two years left and a five year option.

This is an amazing opportunity to acquire a small business in a very specialist and sort after sector of the automotive industry. The Equipment and Tools are included with this sale.

Timothy Haves President and Broker officer of Gas Station Broker Petroleum Realty Group 949-636-3961

More information on the business can be seen on their web site

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station and Car wash broker in CA are seeking more listings. There is a high level of demand for value add business sale opportunities. If you are thinking about selling your auto related business please give us a call. We will provide you with a free opinion of value and explain the process of selling your business.

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Petroleum Realty Group

Petroleum Realty Group #1 Gas Station Broker in California has recently joined the BizBuySell online MLS community.

It is important for Brokerage houses to be part of every available MLS in order to reach the target audience. Petroleum Realty Group makes sure that every listing is posted on line. This process ensures that both principles and Brokers are able to see available listings from our company.

We have upload our Presidents profile so that potential clients can see the extent of our coverage across California

Timothy Haves is in the Elite Broker Section of the Web Site. Please look him up and send him a message , we are always seeking new friends in the industry.

We have added Petroleum Realty Group listings to the data base

This will give us an even greater Statewide reach to market our services and clients Gas Stations for Sale in California to our target audience.

If you are interested in buying a Gas Station in California please call us on 949-636-3961 or send an e-mail to

Petroleum Realty Group have offices in both Southern and Northern California.

Petroleum Realty Group have been in the Gas Station and Car Wash brokerage business for over 20 years.

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Petroleum Realty Group Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Petroleum Realty Group, California’s #1 Gas Station Broker celebrated 10 years in business this month. In March 2012 we opened our doors to the Gas Station world having previously worked for other Brokerage Houses.

Looking back at our record there are a few notable deals that jump to mind, starting with our first Sale for AU Energy which was a Shell station on Ventura Blvd in Tarzana. This sale gave us the confindence that we are on to something big and that Petroleum Realty Group was going to be a success.

Next was the most remote location and that has to go to the two Station we sold for EH National Bank in Needles CA or Perhaps the closed down Station in Lompoc purchased by Moller Investments Group. If its in California we can sell it.

Quickest traction and a Petroleum Realty Group record would be the purchase of a 76 station on 3rd Street LA by the Berri Brothers, 9 days start to finish and one of those days was Christmas day, look what you can achieve with a willing buyer and seller. We are not sure that we will ever break that record but would love to try. Hard work paid off on that one

The smallest site with the largest bang for its buck would defiantly go to the 6000 square foot Conserve Gas Station in Brentwood Los Angeles. $8m got the buyer an iconic site in the most presitgeous location in Southern Califrionia. That old adage location location location was what this site was all about and it will only go up in value in the future.

Biggest C-store goes to La Media Chevron in Otay Mesa, where the Extra Mile store was some 8000 sqft and included three QSR’s, this transaction might also be the biggest business turn around too as the buyer added a truck stop to the vacant land and the site has to be worth 8x what he paid for it. Another Petroleum Realty Group happy client.

Most leased transactions at once goes to the disposition of the 7-Eleven portfolio for SEI Fuels, 50 sites all leased in less than 6 months, a huge effort from all involved and the last time our fax machine rang off the hook day and night

It has been a thrill to work with California Gas Station operators these last 10 years and I am looking froward to making new records and new friends.

Petroleum Realty Group is stronger than ever and continues to buy and sell Gas Stations through out the state of California.

Timothy Haves President and Broker Officer 949-636-3961

A quick thank you to all our friends who have sent us messages of congratulations , we are proud to be part of the Gas Station community and look forward to working with you for another 10 years.

Finally, we would also like to thank our partners who make the process seem so professional , Pam Manning at the Escrow Spectrum and Liz Bergold and David Nobel at Ticor Title, without your support and hard work non of our success is achievable.

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WPMA Conference Las Vegas

This years WMPA conference in Las Vegas was held as usual in the Mirage Hotel convention center. Petroleum Realty Group attended the event to meet old friends and stay up to date on everything that is new in the world of Gas Stations.

Despite the Covid requirements we were impressed with the number of booths and of course every part of the industry was represented. We always take particular interest in what is up and coming.

There was a large presence from Marathon Oil as you can see above and we also met with Gulf Oil, VP racing , Extra Mile and Pearson Fuels .

I could write a long list of interesting booths that I visited but the ones the caught my eye the most were the new Electric charges and the self serve point of sale

This Gilbarco level 3 Electric charger is supplied by Western Pump, it is certainly going to be a future consideration for Gas Station owners, I am worried that it needs a 240 amp supply which not every station has and of course a full charge still takes 20-30 mins which is longtime for a customer to be waiting. The electric car is coming so we can not discount this additional revenue source, as Oil prices surge more consumers are going to consider electric cars

Gilbarco have also introduced a new self serve device for the C-Store called Passport Self Serve . You have probably already seen a variation of this in your local super market so it was only a mater of time before the concept came over to the C-store POS. The monthly payments for one of these is far less than you would be paying an employee which bring up the question of who is going to stack the shelves ?

I really enjoyed the WPMA convention this year and look forward to seeing all my friends at next year’s event

Timothy Haves President and Broker Officer Petroleum Realty Group 949-636-3961

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Gas Station Expert Witness

Petroleum Realty Group Inc. have announced the addition of Expert Witness services for Eminent Domain and Litigation to the Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Realty Group has been engaged by multiple Cities and Public entities within the state of California who recognize the that the right expert witness can make your case

Timothy Haves , President and Broker Officer 949-636-3961

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Pleasant Hill Gas Station sale
Pleasant Hills gas station

Petroleum Realty Group , California’s #1 Gas Station Broker, are pleased to announce the listing of a Pleasant Hills gas station. This particular station is a Chevron Extra Mile Gas Station located at 698 Contra Costa Blvd in the City of Pleasant Hill.

This Pleasant Hills gas station has 4 MPD’s served by three underground double walled tanks, upgraded EVR and new POS. Contact us for more information and learn how this Gas Station provides a buyer with an excellent turn key oportunity

This is another excellent listing procured by our Northern California office, please take a look at the video below. I am excited about this Station and expect it to sell quickly. if you are looking to sell your gas station or car wash contact us

Timothy Haves President and Broker Officer Petroleum Realty Group Inc. 949-636-3961

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Our Services

We Provide a menu of Gas Station related services for you.  Whether you are buying or selling a gas station and convenience stores in California Petroleum Realty Group can be your Broker.

Our Services

 Some of our services include:

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Meet the Team
Meet the team here at Petroleum Realty Group. The best Gas Station and Convenience store Brokers and Salespersons work here at Petroleum Realty Group.

Petroleum Realty Group invite you to meet the team . Broker officer and President Timothy Haves and Senior Associate Ryan Lipert.

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